Accept Payments

Give your consumers a wide selection of payment options and a simple way for them to do business with you. PayStage makes it possible.

Integrating PayStage’s comprehensive payment solutions will help your business reach its full potential.

No matter where you do business, you can accept payments, transfer payouts, and settle funds.

For your online business, PayStage is the payment solutions provider you need. We provide a full range of payment options to meet your specific requirements. Learn more about our solutions.

Local Bank Transfers

Localize your strategy and remove complexity! Local bank transfers, that can be utilized for both deposit and withdrawals can help you gain a broader market share. The Japanese Yen (JPY), the Philippine Peso (PHP), Indonesian Rupiah (IDR), the Malaysian Ringgit (RM), Thai Baht (THB), and Vietnamese Dong (VND), are just a few of the many currencies you could utilize to grow your business by sending and receiving money in local currency.
Here are some advantages of local bank transfers:
  • No chargebacks
  • No rolling reserves
  • Secured deposits
  • Guaranteed withdrawals
  • No exchange fees
  • Real-time transactions


The e-wallet service that we provide enables merchants and customers to make deposits, withdrawals, and complete other types of transactions online.
Utilize the convenience and security of our e-wallet.
  • Deposits and withdrawals from domestic and international banks.
  • Flexibility to deposit and withdraw money, such as credit cards, local bank transfers, wire transfers, and more that are coming soon.
  • Multi-currency support, including amongst others the U.S. Dollar, the Euro, the Pound Sterling, the Japanese Yen, the Malaysian Ringgit, the Vietnamese Dong, the Indonesian Rupiah, and the Thai Baht.
  • Accounts for individuals and businesses that offer their owners the most helpful functions possible.

Credit Cards Solutions – Merchants’ Popular Choice!

When it comes to purchases made online, one of the most popular methods of payment is the use of credit cards. By accepting credit card payments through PayStage, you can turn more visitors into paying customers, conduct business across international borders, and encourage drive impulse buying among online shoppers.
Streamline the process of collecting online payments.
  • All major credit cards are supported, including Visa, Mastercard, JCB, and UnionPay.
  • Transactions conducted in real-time
  • Merchants may receive card payments from clients worldwide
  • Currency conversion and settlement in several currencies

Alternative Payment Methods (APM’s)

Go digital! PayStage was developed as a response to the worldwide marketplace of today in order to assist the success of your company. You can take advantage of a wide variety of alternative payment methods through a single payment gateway when you utilize PayStage.
Small and large businesses a like should offer more payment alternatives at checkout to keep up with the changing preferences of consumers and fulfill the growing demand from customers for more options.
  • Frictionless payments
  • Transactions are quick, easy, and secure.
  • Grow either by local, national, or global scale
  • Simplify your payments with digital solutions like Grabpay, Alipay, WeChatPay, etc.